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Heat pumps are a great way to provide energy-efficient heating and cooling to your residence. There are different types including air-source, water-source, or underground sources. The heat pump basically works by collecting thermal energy and moving it to the inside of your home, for comfortable and efficient heating. In the warm season, the heat pump will go into reverse operation for quality air conditioning.

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When you go for underground-source or water-source heat pumps, your system will have access to stable temperatures so you can enjoy comfortable heating in your home. Even with extremely low outdoor temperatures, you won’t experience any issues with keeping the residence warm. However, heat pumps have come a long way in energy efficiency and they also work particularly well in hybrid heating systems. A hybrid heating system consists of a heat pump combined with a furnace, for ultimate efficiency and comfort no matter what season you’re in. When you invest in a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump, you’ll enjoy advanced mini-split heating and air conditioning. These all-climate heat pumps feature superior comfort, lower energy costs, ultra-quiet operation, and zero emissions. Ask your technician about your options. We also provide and service Bryant Heat Pumps.

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Air Tech Pro HVAC specializes in heat pumps and will give you a quality installation in Warwick, RI, Coventry, RI, Cranston, RI, Auburn, RI, East Greenwich, RI, West Greenwich, RI, Fiskeville, RI, and Hope, RI! We are a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, so we will bring you the best heat pump options to the table, including advanced dual-fuel systems. Of course, you can go all-electric for clean heating that helps save the environment and gives you lower energy bills. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and give you a free estimate for a high-efficiency heat pump. Give us a call today at (401) 428-4745 for your free consultation!

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